Mount Holyoke College offers several dining options for conference guests, providing spaces and menus to accommodate groups of varying size.

Blanchard Campus Center

For 50 guests or fewer, The Blanchard Campus Center is transformed in the summer months to provide buffet meals three times per day. The center provides air-conditioned comfort and menu options that can appeal to both adult and youth appetites.

Residence Halls

Dining is also available in some of our residence halls. The larger residences such as Prospect, Ham, Macgregor, Abbey/Buckland the North and South Rockefeller dorms can host your group in the First Floor dining room. Meals in residence halls offer ease and convenience to your guests. The staff works with the Conference Services Department and the client to customize menus to enjoy throughout your stay.


Willits-Hallowell is typically the host for Conferences that take place throughout the academic year as well as in the summer months. The center offers an array of upscale dining options for groups of 20 to 175 guests.